Sunday, July 20, 2014

There is always room for one more

The big blue house on Davenport Street was a magical and loving place, at least to me, growing up in a small town.  It was the place where my Grandmother lived and my family would gather.  There was lots of joy, laughter, and good food coming out of this big blue house that had been divided into apartments sometime in its past.  My Grandmother lived downstairs all the days I knew her with the upstairs apartment tenets changing, it seems, as the seasons came and went.  Growing up, I spent many holidays with my grandmother, immediate and extended family all being smushed into my grandmothers apartment.  Her apartment was quite spacious for one person, having 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom and a big front porch, but when the family all got together it was another story  We would be crammed like sardines in a can, however as my grandmother said there was always room for one more and there always was.

My grandmother was an amazing woman to me and knew how to stretch a dollar. She would make amazing feasts that could feed an army with a couple of soup bones and discounted vegetables from the old A&P, and no matter how little food she may have made or had on hand when her family would unexpectedly drop in, we would all be fed and we were always told there was always room for one more.

I'm starting this blog for me but as it develops I will be sharing stories of my amazing grandmother and my family. I also hope to share with you some of those dollar stretching recipes my grandmother prepared for her family, my love of thrifting and my finds- taught to me by my Grandmother, and some of the projects I may be working on.  I will also be asking for your advice, ideas and comments when those projects don't go as expected or life gets challenging.  As I work on this blog and hopefully watch it grow with readers I would ask for you to keep an open mind and heart to always have room for just one more person in your life, you never know how much this could mean to that person.  My grandmother has been gone since 2003 however my family and I still have people come up to us and tell us what a wonderful woman she was because she opened her home and heart to them and invited them in.  She never thought much of her actions at the time but our family is reminded each time how much her actions meant to that person.  Thank You for Stopping by, I hope you enjoy everything I share.


  1. Your Grandmother sounds amazing!

    It's so wonderful that you are going to share stories about her. Things get so lost when they're not recorded!

    And what a legacy of immortality for a person you love so much!

  2. 'Grandparent Memories' are special. Though I only had mine for a short while, I have to remind myself that many people aren't even That Lucky!! Keep blogging, we'd love to hear more!!

  3. You should keep writing your family stories. I really loved the story of your grandmother. I use my blog to write my personal and family history as well as share crafting and decorating ideas. There is so much to write about! Thanks for visiting my blog today! To answer your question...I keep!