Friday, December 12, 2014

Vintage Christmas Swap Goodies

So as I mentioned in an earlier post I participated in a Vintage Christmas Swap hosted by Shara at Monkeybox Blog.  Only a small number of people signed up for the swap and I was one of them. There was also an odd number of individuals who signed up, most individuals were paired with just one other person but because of the odd number there was one group of three and I was in that group. I sent items to Janet in New Jersey and Gayden, from Hawaii sent items to me.  I don't believe Janet or Gayden have a blog.

We were to go out to Thrift Shops, raid our vintage stash, or make some vintage inspired Christmas Goodies, then fill a box the approximate size of a shoe box with our finds or handmade items and send it out.

Well let me tell you, the pickings at my thrift store has been very slim this year.  My stash of vintage Christmas items is not very large and most have special meaning to me, so I didn't have much to raid, so I ended up making some things and sent those along with the things I found.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I made a set of Vintage Christmas electric candle lights and turned a vintage train candle holder into a card or photo display.

(if you look closely at the Engine, you can see a white button in place of one of the wheels)
I also included a White and Pink Gooseberry Pyrex Casserole dish (Janet buys and sells Pyrex), some stained glass ornaments, a Santa mug, an old Christmas stocking, Santa's pants which I believe is a card holder, some flocked Santa boots I filled with some candy, two vintage printed linen napkins with poinsettias on them and what I thought was a cute Santa printed on plastic that covers a door.

I almost forgot to mention the ornament kit I included that makes 3 sequin covered Santa boots.  I'm sure they will be really cute once made.

I didn't take many photos of what I sent and unfortunately some items did not make it into the box because of the spun angel hair which is in the photo.  I hope Janet liked what I sent and if she doesn't she has my blessing to sell away!  Janet, I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Well my box arrived today and let me tell you it was packed with a bunch of crafting items, vintage glitter (my favorite thing in the box), wooden beads, rick rack, paper, ornaments, a Christmas towel, a book, a Christmas box filled with blank note cards and much, much, more...

 ...and there is that fabulous glitter again!

I want to Thank Gayden for the wonderful box filled with crafting goodies and ornaments.  I really appreciate it and I'm sure I will make plenty of items with what you sent.  Thank You very much and I'm wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Thank You Shara for hosting the Swap!

Photos were taken with my cell phone...I'm waiting for Santa to bring me a better camera for Christmas...we will see if that improves my photo quality and photo taking ability.

The Finished Wreath

I am so in love with the wreath I made.  I didn't try to move any of the ornaments because I didn't want them to break but I did add more color to it and it is definitley me now!  So are you ready for it?

Here is a close up of some of the ornaments used...

And another close up...

Ta da...

I have also made some other ornament wreaths which I will be posting in my Etsy Shop soon.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Vintage Inspired Santa Christmas Candle Light

So I have been working on a new project.  The wreath is still not done but I will tackle that this weekend!  I want to apologize now for the horrible pictures...I used my cell phone.  I really need to invest in a good camera and some good lighting!

The project I have been working on is taking standard plug in electric candle lights and gussying them up! Is gussying a word?  I think it is since it didn't highlight as being misspelled.  I have some small vintage stuff I like to craft with, but I haven't really used much it, and needed some vintage inspired items.

I have always wanted a set of these gussied up lights after seeing them on eBay over 5 years ago but I have never gotten around to making them, until now.

I used new and old supplies to make these and unfortunately I am not keeping them.  I joined a Vintage Christmas Swap being hosted by Shara at Monkeybox.  We are supposed to raid our Vintage Christmas stash, go thrifting to find Vintage Christmas items or make Vintage Inspired Christmas Items to fill up a shoe box and send to our swap partners.

Well my thrift stores have not been very forth coming with Vintage goodies this year and my stash of Vintage goodies is not very huge yet so I needed something to fill the box and came of with these Christmas Electric Candle Sticks!  I now need to make a set for myself because I love them so much.

I will post pictures later of the other stuff I sent to my swap partner, but I wanted to share these photos now!  I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to making many more if I can find my other electric candle sticks I have stashed somewhere in my house.  I hope my swap partner likes them!

I will post photos of the swap goodies I receive in a future post since I have not received my box yet! Come back later to check out the other swap goodies!