Sunday, May 31, 2015

Yard Saling Memorial Day Weekend

I love going to yard sales, thrifting, or going to flee markets as many of us in blog-land like to do.  It is rare for me to find a yard sale where I find stuff I like.  Most yard sales in my area have a lot of children's clothes, toys, or modern random stuff, but every once in a while I find a good one.

I stopped at a sale that had a lot of vintage stuff.  I wish I would have bought more but this was the last sale I found and I was running out of funds.  I'm not sure where the couple got the stuff they were selling but the guy said he had more stuff in boxes he needed to get rid of.  I had to pick through boxes to find the stuff I bought.

I found a box of reflectors and two Putz style folding fence to go around a Christmas Village or Tree.  I'm still waiting to find a feather tree!

A bag of some vintage and newer style clothespins.  Yes I still hang laundry out on a line and I love this type of clothespin.  Nothing beats the smell of freshly laundered, sun dried clothes and sheets. 

In the far left corner a bolt of lace (newer, but a lot of it), some wooden tie on ornaments  and fuzzy deer.  These actually came from another sale.

A cute baby blanket with some embroidered animals.  There is a few stains on it.  I'm debating on how to clean it...Any Hints?  I was told to oxi-clean it.

This picture is not the best but it is a closeup of the fabric and embroidery.  All those dots on the front is yarn, tied on the back, with a cute floral backing.  I have few quilts but this was cute and so cheap I had to have it.

and Mattel Tuff Stuff siblings had these as a kid.  
I enjoyed my weekend of sales and spending time with my family.  I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable.  I did not let this holiday pass without remembering the men and woman that have fought for our country and visiting my relatives that have passed.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Seeing Stars

I was on Pinterest several weeks ago...No let me rephrase that because I'm on Pinterest almost every day...while I was on Pinterest several weeks ago I came across a post with unique lighting ideas and links to the sights.  While checking out the post I saw this picture and thought to myself that I wanted to make that.

Star Light Star Bright Light Garland ~Mon Makes Things

 I clicked on the link and it took me to Mon Makes Things with a tutorial describing how to make the Star Light Star Bright Light Garland.  If you would like to see their tutorial click on the link above.  She used a strand of 25 count globe lights and sheets of white foam to make her string lights, and she also painted her cord white.  
After seeing her tutorial I went online looking for the supplies.  I was going to have to order the globe lights.  The cost around $25 depending on where you find them.  I was put off on the price so I put off placing my order.  When I was in the city shopping, I stopped at a $5 and Below store and found a cheap set of globe lights that I thought I could experiment with so I bought them.  I still want the real globe lights but this will do for now. 
Here they are.  It's a 15 count Christmas style string of lights with plastic globe covers for the lights.

The first thing I did was remove the plastic globes from the lights.

I next covered the bulbs with tinfoil.  If your not careful the tinfoil will come off.  Use what you have and if you have the real globe lights you would just remove the bulbs for easy painting of the cord.

I also covered the metal plug with tinfoil.  I'm not sure if you should do that but I haven't had any problems with the lights since doing that.

I next removed the lights from the box and left them in a pile.

Then I went to town with Gold Krylon Spray Paint.   In the original post they sprayed thiers white but I thought the gold would be nice.  I did very light coats of spray paint, waiting for it to dry between coats and I also moved the string lights around so everything was covered. 

When I was in the city I also stopped at Michael's to get some craft foam.  They had some pretty glittered white foam sheets so I bought those instead of the plain white sheets.  The plain white sheets of foam was cheaper.  I bought 4 sheets of foam for $1.49 each.  I cut each sheet into 6 equal sections.

Now comes the hard part.  I free formed my stars until I had a star that looked like a star.  

I then used that star to trace my other stars.  You now have an idea of what most of my stars look like.  Feel free to print off a star shape from the computer and use that as a template if you don't like the free form look.

Here is a pile of stars ready for their shining moment.

I took the plastic globe, placing it on the center of the star and traced it to see how big the hole should be.  That was a pain so I just free formed the hole.  I then stuck the completed stars on the string of lights.

The glittery foam gives it a nice glow.  The lights are low wattage so I'm hoping there will be no melting of foam or any fires. 

I had difficulty taking a nice picture of the lights.

They are very pretty in person.

The only problem I have with the lights is the Green Sharpie Marker lines on the back of the stars.  I think I will pop the stars off the lights and give them a coating of the Gold Krylon spray paint.

I definitely want to do this again with the actual globe lights.  This string of lights gives off a nice little glow.  If your interested in making a set for yourself I would suggest you check out the Mon Makes Things tutorial, she has such nice photos.  Let me know if you try this.  My sister-in-law wants me to make a set for her now or give her mine...we shall see!