Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cleaning up

So I have been cleaning up my stuff and I came across this stuff.  The Barbie book I am going to sell so if your interested in it you can leave me a message in my comment section and I can set up a reserved etsy listing for you.  It is an old library book with the card holder taped to the inside back cover.  I haven't tried to clean it up, but I thought it was pretty cool.  I didn't know Barbie had books.

Some vintage linens and pillow cases.

A story a day book from the 40's or 50's. I am thinking about posting a story a day photo.  I'm not sure that I can keep up with it though so if you want to know what story is on your birthday let me know and I can send you a picture.

Some of the images from the book, I wish this one had been in color.  I love the little boy, dog, and flag image.

A colored in page from the book with a little gnome or two.

This book is from the 40's.  Miss Sniff and the dog in the book are black and are covered in a velvet texture. I think it is so cute.

A close up of Miss Sniff.

The little girl is so cute.  She gets Miss Sniff as a gift!

The inside cover of the book.  The little girls name is penciled in and that black dot up in the left corner is a smushed bumble bee.  I wonder if the bee is from the 40's also.

Now I have a question for you, I found this doll dresser and closet.  It has the cute rose graphics on it but it is such an ugly yellow pine color.

Do I refinish it in a cute color, like pale pink, blue, green or yellow, and lose the rose graphics or do I leave it the way they are?

I'm having difficulty deciding what I should do.  I love the rose graphics and I haven't been able to find replacements of them on ebay or etsy.  Ideas?

Some paper doilies.  What should I make with these.  I think I need to look on Pinterest for some ideas.

And this vintage chocolate box.  I know there are a lot of collectors of these vintage boxes but I didn't buy it for the box.  I bought it for what was inside of the box...

Some Vintage Dominoes!  I have a bunch of these Dominoes that I have been collecting but I have never done anything with them.  I think I will need to go through them and start selling those as well.

And last but not least this cute print with embroidery on it.  I think this is from the 40' as well.  Most of this stuff came from the same place.  A yard sale last summer. A guy cleaned out his grandparents cottage and I got a lot of neat stuff.  The person was a crafter and they had tons of stuff.  I went back several times to buy stuff and I had to really retrain myself from going crazy.  It was one of the best sales I've ever been too and with really cheap prices.  I don't think I spent more that $10 there and this is not everything that I got.

I love finding the stuff.  I always plan on selling it but I'm one of those people that have difficulty letting things go because I know exactly where it would go if I had a place of my own.  Right now I am concentrating on selling my stuff locally, so I don't have to deal with shipping, but I will be adding more stuff to my etsy shop soon.  If you are looking for something in particular let me know.  I may have it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patty's Day Thrifting for Easter

I went thrifting today and bought stuff I shouldn't have.  Don't we all get caught up in the find and then when you get home maybe have a little buyers remorse when you have to find a place to store it? I don't really regret my purchases.  Some is for crafting...didn't I say a few posts ago that I was trying to clean out?  I'm still working on that.  Some are cute honeycomb decorations, and the others are cake baking and decorating.  Here is a picture of my purchases.  The lighting is terrible.  I spent less than $5.00 for everything.

The basket of little plastic flowers was free.  The basket is damaged but I have plans for the flowers.  I like free and I wish they had more!  I think the plastic bunnies and basket in the back row are candy containers.  It has a clear plastic covering behind it.  If you have any other ideas let me know.  Some bunny batting in multiple colors and 4 honeycombs.

A cute honeycomb egg with a bunny inside.  Wilton egg baking pans and the Homemaker's Pictorial Encyclopedia of Modern Cake Decorating written by McKinley and Norman Wilton.  I don't really bake or decorate cakes but I couldn't pass up this book.  It has some lovey and frightening looking cakes.  I would love to attempt to try out my hand at vintage cake decorating or find someone else that can do it.  I bought the egg pans to go with my vintage Wilton 3D sheep pan.

Here is the cover of the book.  It is a little rough and has a little odor to it, but the pictures are great.  It was first published in 1954.  Mine was published in 1963.

Look at the vintage clothes and hairstyles.

Different decorations you can make with different tips.  I love the witch and the stork (it's hard to see him.  He is on the top far right side).

Some lovely piped flowers!  I love the violets and pansy's!

I haven't read the book and I'm not sure why they would have a picture of the Swastika, other than these are different piping techniques.

Some Petit fours and a scary miniature clown cake.

A better picture of the scary clown cake and other miniature cakes!

Again I have not read the book but I am trying to determine if that is real ribbon on the yellow cake.  It looks satiny....and lets not forget the classic doll in a cake!

The "Mickey" image is a little scary to me.  His mouth is open and he is taking some giant steps.  I like the "Alice Dear" cake.

And lets not forget the 50's wedding cake.  There are quite a few images of vintage wedding and anniversary cakes in this book.

Look at those happy cake decorators in their casual clothes!  I know I always decorate my cakes in a dress wearing my pearl earrings.

The book was my favorite purchase.  There was also several pieces of paper stuck in the book with recipes and other cake decorating tips.  I always like the papers stuck in the books.  I hope you all have a Happy St. Patty's Day!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A little luck...

A little update:  If you know me you know I don't have much luck but I decided to enter a raffle at work.  First prize was a 50/50 raffle which ended up being $178 and the second prize was a couple of Irish themed baskets with lots of green stuff inside.  Well I didn't win the 50/ co-worker did which was good for her because she is going on vacation this week, but I won the baskets.  Here are some pictures of the stuff I won.

A Luck of the Irish Banner

A basket of cookies, peeps, chocolate, window clings, band-aids, light up plastic jewelry, a glass tumbler, green beaded neck tie, Irish knee socks (not pictured), Lotto Tickets (not pictured)...I won $2...

A box of limited edition St. Paddy's Day Lucky Charms, ( I will eat these though they are bad for me),

shot glasses, coffee, and tiny bottles of liquor, and shots.

I gave away the liquor and the coffee...I rarely drink alcohol and I don't drink coffee!

So I think I'm ready for St. Paddy's Day.  I've shared my winnings with lots of people but I still have more stuff to share.  It was fun to win even if I don't use most of the items and for a $5 investment I didn't do so bad.  Wishing you all a little luck of the Irish!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bake & Store Glassware with Teal Gasket

I just wanted to share this deal I came across.  My grandmother had refrigerator dishes that she stored her food in till plastic became popular.  I still have one she used and wished I had more.  My sisters have been discussing/giving me a seminar on how bad plastic is for us because of BPA and other chemicals.  They yell at me if I heat any food up in a plastic container and I do understand their worry but plastic is so cheap, convenient and stores easily.  At least that is what I have been telling myself.
Last night I watched a documentary about plastic, how it never degrades and how it is affecting ourselves, children, and planet.  Very SCARY stuff!  I'm not a scientist and don't know how much all these chemicals could really affect us other than what I read in the news and watch in documentary's but I started researching glass storage containers and came across this deal by Oneida/Anchor Hocking.

It has a silicone seal, which can be removed if your concerned, but you get all three containers for the price you would almost pay for a single one because it is being least that is what I have read.  You can also buy them without the seals but you would have to pay more and you can not store food in it as long as you can with the silicone sealed containers.

The standard glass ones are so pretty and almost like the ones my grandmother used, Love them!

Here are the details taking directly from their site for the Anchor Hocking Bake 'N' Store, 6pc Teal Infusion set:

Stores food the fresh way by using vintage-style glass storage container. Stackable, tidy glass is perfect for stashing ample portions of leftovers, salads or for marinating. Silicone rim keeps food fresh longer and protects your glass from rubbing. You can even reheat food right in the dish and then serve. Keeps your fridge looking organized and saves on plastic and foil wraps. Set includes a 12 Cup Bake 'N' Store Set, a 5 Cup Bake 'N' Store Set, and a 2 Cup Bake 'N' Store Set Fully Tempered Glass made in the USA BPA-Free silicone gaskets Pieces measure: 9" x 9" x 3.75", 8.75" x 4.5" x 3.5", and 4.56" x 3.63" x 4.56"

They are also having 25% off promo code on their site and if you order over $99 worth of product you get free shipping.  I have not used this product yet so I can not say how good/bad the product is but it's on its way and I will give an update.  I have also read lots of reviews and people seem to like the product. Some of the negative reviews about the product was it sometimes arrived broken and if you moved it from extreme temperatures some people reported that the glass shattered.  It is also heavy.  Obvious concerns but I'm willing to risk it.

So if your interested in reducing your plastic usage check out this deal and let me know what you think or if you are already using this product let me know how you like it.

Disclosure:  I am not a paid sponsor for Oneida/Anchor Hocking or any of their affiliates.  I am just sharing a good deal I came across to all my health/planet conscious friends.  If Oneida/Anchor Hocking would like me to try any of their other products or become a paid sponsor I am willing, lol.

Trying to declutter...

So a quick update.  I've been sick for the past few months with colds and virals and it has been taking it's toll on me.  I'm working on getting well but it seems this winter will never end and it is a revolving cycle of feeling well and getting sick.
In other news I am a crafting and vintage items hoarder who is trying to go through her stash of stuff.  I have all these ideas for projects (thanks to Pinterest and other sources) and I will go out and buy stuff to make the project. However I am coming to the conclusion that I have no time to start or complete all the projects I have "pinned."  I am working on deciding which projects I can actually do and trying to get rid of the rest of the stuff.  IT IS A MAJOR TASK! Another problem I have is if I can't find the stuff I need, when I need it. I will go out and buy more stuff to complete the project.  So that is the reason I am trying to get organized.
How do you keep your stuff organized and is anyone else having this issue.  All tips are welcomed!  I love small stuff to craft with and display but the small stuff certainly adds up and I have trouble resisting a good deal (which I come by honestly).
I also have a lot of stuff I want to sell in my etsy shop sitting around but I haven't had the time to list it. I am working on taking pictures and getting that stuff listed.  I have taken pictures of my "crap" but loading it from my camera is another issue which will require me to go out and spend a little more money.  Wish me luck because I need it.  I hope everyone else is having a wonderful winter and is staying well.