Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bake & Store Glassware with Teal Gasket

I just wanted to share this deal I came across.  My grandmother had refrigerator dishes that she stored her food in till plastic became popular.  I still have one she used and wished I had more.  My sisters have been discussing/giving me a seminar on how bad plastic is for us because of BPA and other chemicals.  They yell at me if I heat any food up in a plastic container and I do understand their worry but plastic is so cheap, convenient and stores easily.  At least that is what I have been telling myself.
Last night I watched a documentary about plastic, how it never degrades and how it is affecting ourselves, children, and planet.  Very SCARY stuff!  I'm not a scientist and don't know how much all these chemicals could really affect us other than what I read in the news and watch in documentary's but I started researching glass storage containers and came across this deal by Oneida/Anchor Hocking.

It has a silicone seal, which can be removed if your concerned, but you get all three containers for the price you would almost pay for a single one because it is being least that is what I have read.  You can also buy them without the seals but you would have to pay more and you can not store food in it as long as you can with the silicone sealed containers.

The standard glass ones are so pretty and almost like the ones my grandmother used, Love them!

Here are the details taking directly from their site for the Anchor Hocking Bake 'N' Store, 6pc Teal Infusion set:

Stores food the fresh way by using vintage-style glass storage container. Stackable, tidy glass is perfect for stashing ample portions of leftovers, salads or for marinating. Silicone rim keeps food fresh longer and protects your glass from rubbing. You can even reheat food right in the dish and then serve. Keeps your fridge looking organized and saves on plastic and foil wraps. Set includes a 12 Cup Bake 'N' Store Set, a 5 Cup Bake 'N' Store Set, and a 2 Cup Bake 'N' Store Set Fully Tempered Glass made in the USA BPA-Free silicone gaskets Pieces measure: 9" x 9" x 3.75", 8.75" x 4.5" x 3.5", and 4.56" x 3.63" x 4.56"

They are also having 25% off promo code on their site and if you order over $99 worth of product you get free shipping.  I have not used this product yet so I can not say how good/bad the product is but it's on its way and I will give an update.  I have also read lots of reviews and people seem to like the product. Some of the negative reviews about the product was it sometimes arrived broken and if you moved it from extreme temperatures some people reported that the glass shattered.  It is also heavy.  Obvious concerns but I'm willing to risk it.

So if your interested in reducing your plastic usage check out this deal and let me know what you think or if you are already using this product let me know how you like it.

Disclosure:  I am not a paid sponsor for Oneida/Anchor Hocking or any of their affiliates.  I am just sharing a good deal I came across to all my health/planet conscious friends.  If Oneida/Anchor Hocking would like me to try any of their other products or become a paid sponsor I am willing, lol.


  1. I know plastic is so bad... isnt almost everything bad for us? its crazy!
    cant think about it right now. LOL!
    have a great week

    1. Ha ha you are so right Vivian, we need to wrap ourselves in a bubble (wait that's made of plastic) to keep ourselves safe. I really like the looks of the dishes and if I can do my part to reduce plastic in the environment and save myself from chemical exposure, well I'm game. First steps, lol I have a long way to go. Have a good week also!

  2. I rec'd a bread size one of these w/ the silicone lid for Xmas! I've tucked it away in the cupboard and forgotten about it until I just read your post - I think I need to revisit it! THANKS for your post (and for dropping by & Commenting) :-) !!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive and I'm hoping they work as well as the reviews state. I'm thinking about making some refrigerator pickles as soon as the storage containers arrive and storing them in the dish like my grandmother used to do. Let me know how you like yours.