Sunday, March 1, 2015

Trying to declutter...

So a quick update.  I've been sick for the past few months with colds and virals and it has been taking it's toll on me.  I'm working on getting well but it seems this winter will never end and it is a revolving cycle of feeling well and getting sick.
In other news I am a crafting and vintage items hoarder who is trying to go through her stash of stuff.  I have all these ideas for projects (thanks to Pinterest and other sources) and I will go out and buy stuff to make the project. However I am coming to the conclusion that I have no time to start or complete all the projects I have "pinned."  I am working on deciding which projects I can actually do and trying to get rid of the rest of the stuff.  IT IS A MAJOR TASK! Another problem I have is if I can't find the stuff I need, when I need it. I will go out and buy more stuff to complete the project.  So that is the reason I am trying to get organized.
How do you keep your stuff organized and is anyone else having this issue.  All tips are welcomed!  I love small stuff to craft with and display but the small stuff certainly adds up and I have trouble resisting a good deal (which I come by honestly).
I also have a lot of stuff I want to sell in my etsy shop sitting around but I haven't had the time to list it. I am working on taking pictures and getting that stuff listed.  I have taken pictures of my "crap" but loading it from my camera is another issue which will require me to go out and spend a little more money.  Wish me luck because I need it.  I hope everyone else is having a wonderful winter and is staying well.


  1. A VERY wise woman once told me "We all have the time to do the things we Really want to do, because we Make the time".

    1. Your right she is a very wise woman. I make the time to spend with my family when not working, with not much time for extra activities. I work a lot and need to find a good work/life balance and make time for myself. Thanks for the reminder.