Monday, November 24, 2014

A work in progress...

I started a project that I have been wanting to make for awhile.  A vintage ornament wreath!  I know it's not an original idea but I have wanted one for the past 4 years and I could not see spending $300 or more on a wreath.  I thought I could make one myself and so I have been collecting the ornaments ever since.  I now have more than enough ornaments to make a few wreaths in many assorted colors.

 I've read a million tutorials on Pintrest and Google and I only sort of followed them.  I got to busy with the glue gun and didn't really think about the placement of the ornaments.  Does it count that I was running between the stove, trying to cook, and the hot glue gun?  Here are some pictures of the wreath in progress,

There were a few mishaps along the way!  So many shards of  tiny glass everywhere!  At least the carpet on the stairs got vacuumed, the plus side to this disaster!

Luckily none of the really good ones were destroyed.  The ornaments that broke were more modern ornaments but they were such a pretty shade of pink.

I like the colors of the ornaments I chose but I'm not happy with the placement of the ornaments...I may need to disassemble it in some places. 

I should have interspersed some other smaller, decorative ornaments in with the second row.  Now I am trying to figure out where to place them.  That turquoise ornament on the bottom, front and center was accidentally hit with a broom and broke, I now have to figure out how to remove it without ruining any of the other ornaments and replace it.  I was told I now have a flamboyant wreath.  I didn't know pink, turquoise, blue and silver ornaments were flamboyant.  My problem is that I now have a wreath that doesn't go with any of the colors in my house.  I guess my next project will be painting the rooms in my house to go with my wreath.

I'll post a picture of the completed wreath when I am done.  I hope you enjoyed this short worded post.  I'm sorry for some of the poor photos.  I was using my cell phone, in a poorly lit hallway, to take the photos.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love it can't wait to see the finished wreath.

  2. I rive been wanting to make a wreath, too, but I need a couple more boxes of vintage solids. Yours will be beautiful when you finish!