Monday, September 14, 2015

Yay or Nay?

So if you read my last post you know there are some big changes in store for me.  I resigned from my current position, accepted a new position and will be moving away from all my close friends and immediate family members.  I will be living on my own in a new city for the first time in my life.  No I am not having a mid life crisis but I will admit to not being happy in different areas of my life and when a new opportunity arose I decided to jump on it.  I know you take your problems with you, I'm not running away, I'm just ready for a change.

The last couple of weeks has had me traveling back and fourth looking for a new home...I may have found it, finding moving boxes, starting to go through my things to decide what I will be taking with me and be getting rid of.  Did I mention I do not have a lot of my own furniture.  I have my bed, a dresser, a desk, some shelves, a few dishes and utensils but I will pretty much be starting from scratch.

I've had some projects that have been hiding out in my garage for the past several years.  I have started some of them but when the hand sanding became to much they sat there getting rusty and dare I say moldy!  So that is where the Yay or Nay comes from.  Would you try to save a piece of furniture that has lots of rust and some mold?  Not to mention a lot of other work needed just because you love the piece and can see what it can become?

I have 5 projects that I'm working on, hoping to take to my new place.  3 pieces are or were really rusty, one has mold growing on it and the other has a roughed up paint job.  Here are two of the worst looking projects.  Would you keep them or toss them to the curb?  They are worse in person than they look in these photos

This stool I found in the garbage 3 or 4 years ago.  It went directly into my garage never to be seen again until now.  It has a ton of rust, needs a new seat and back, new upholstery and new steps...It basically needs to be totally rebuilt.  Would you take on this challenge right before a big move?  Do you think it can be done or should it be tossed?  The reason I want it?  I had one of these growing up as a kid and I loved it.  Plus my possible new home has cupboards that go up to the ceiling and I thought I could use this to reach the shelves.  Any ideas for fabric or color?  I also have another, better conditioned stool I am also working on.

This dresser.  I LOVE this dresser, but I put it in my garage while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do to it, my garage sprung a few leaks in the roof and mold started to grow on it.  I have sprayed this down with bleach several times.  Do you think it can be saved?  Any ideas on how to stop the mold.  This piece doesn't seem to be damp or rotting.

The bottom drawer in the above picture has what appears to be the worst of the mold on it.  This was the drawer closest to the floor and standing moisture.

The top drawer in the above photo cleaned up the best.  I realized though that I will have to re-sand and paint the whole entire dresser because there is a lot of discoloration and stains from something.  It looks like someone tried to clean the dresser in the past because there are spray marks from some type of cleaner on the frame of the dresser.  The discoloration looks like it could have been tar from cigarette smoke on the dresser but it doesn't smell of cigarette smoke.  
I cleaned the yellowness from the top drawer with a magic eraser.  The magic eraser fell apart after cleaning that one drawer.  I think I would need 15 of them and a lot of elbow grease to get the crud off this dresser.  Do you think this dresser can be saved?  Look at that hardware, it is the reason why I bought this dresser.  Do you have any ideas about what I should do with it?  Do you think it can be tackled in a few weeks especially since I am working a full time job and refinishing other pieces?
Well what do you think, am I crazy?
Did I also mention I joined a Halloween Ornament Swap hosted by Sarah at Makin' Projiks and that the ornaments are due the same time I am moving?  I think I am crazy.  I will let you know how things go but feel free to send me suggestions. 

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