Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Little Before and After

As I have mentioned before I have been working on some furniture pieces for my new place.  The place I had originally planned to move into fell through so I have been staying with family while waiting for my apartment to be ready.  I have a few of my furniture pieces almost completed.  I have been trying to work on them on weekends when I am back at the family family is ready for them to be out of their way!  So here is a small project that I worked on.

My Stepmother gave me this plant stand.  I'm not sure if she really wanted to give it to me but I asked real nice and she said I could have it.  I always forget to take an actual before picture.  The picture below is after I had sanded it.  It was painted green and had yellow and rust peeking through.

I liked the rough worn look but knew it wouldn't work with the other pieces I had done.  Below you can see come of the metal scroll work.  I think it would make a good side table or a plant stand again.  We will see.

Don't mind the background, there has been a lot going on at  the home where my pieces are stored.  i painted it a neutral almond color for now.  I would love to paint it a bright primary color but again I'm not sure of where this is going at the moment.  I had originally spray painted it an enamel white but it was awful (It was so bad it made me cry and then I had to sand it again...I don't think I will use enamel paint again.)

It looks so much prettier now and the finish feels very nice.  Once all the pieces are in place I will take a picture and show it to you all together.  I will also show you the other finished pieces soon.  I'm bad at taking pictures and realized I'm missing pictures of the finished pieces.

Thanks for stopping by!

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