Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Patriotic Swap

I joined a Patriotic Swap hosted by Sarah at Makin Projicks.  I've been looking for a swap to join so I could get my craft on.  I work better under pressure.  Sarah has never done a Patriotic Swap before but I and others kind of asked her to host one.  I'm wonder what I will receive because I had no clue what to make.  I pulled out all my red, white, and blue stuff trying to decide.  I had a totally different projick in mind for the swap but my printer wouldn't work and I was going on vacation.  I tried figuring it out but no luck.
So I packed up all my craft supplies, headed to Syracuse, and then off to Massachusetts.  These are well traveled swap gifts...kind of like our founding fathers.  I worked on them in Syracuse, Plymouth, and in Western NY.
Here is a sneak peak of what I was working with.  Can you figure out what I made? 

I had my 5 year old niece helping me.  She also made one for herself.  As we worked on hers I was able to work out most of the kinks before actually working on the ones I would be sending out.  Hers was really cute I should have just had her make all of them.

I used pieces and parts of stuff I had collected.  I over packed and only used a few of the craft supplies I had brought with me...I also ran out of stuff so I had to make a craft stop while on vacation.  That was not part of my vacation plans.

I also miscalculated on when I had to send these out, I thought I had more time to work on these...NOPE!  I finished these up and sent them on their way in a little patriotic wrapping.

Stay tuned for the full reveal.  
I will have a full post of what I made after I receive my Patriotic Swap box.  You can also check out Sarah's blog and see how talented she is with crafting, quilting, and decorating.  Sarah has such cute kids and she is never afraid to say how she is feeling.  She hosts Swaps throughout the year so if you want to get your craft on think about joining her Halloween Swap!


  1. I want to see!! I'll be doing some patriotic crafting this weekend!
    happy day

    1. I will show you soon Vivian...I can't wait to see what you make. I always love everything you craft. There is so much inspiration out there. Have a good weekend!

  2. Ooooh this looks like the beginnings of something adorable!

    1. I hope everyone likes them. I wanted to do more to them but I ran out of time. I so hope they arrive to their destinations in one piece. My niece and sister certainly liked them. Stay tuned for the reveal!