Monday, July 13, 2015

The 3rd of July-Random Photos

I had the 3rd of July off of work.  My family and I decided to spend it at the lake!  I have only gone boating a couple of times previous to this so this was a nice experience.  I thought I would share some random photos from the 3rd of July.

As I was waiting for my ride I saw this in my window.  Now I was aware that it was there but I had forgotten about it.  It made me think about the mail that would have been delivered through that old slot.  It is now covered by another window but it still works.

A lovely picture of things that need touch ups as I still wait for my ride!

The boat we would be taking to the lake.  It goes way to fast for my liking.

Oh did I mention we had jet skis also?  I have never, ever been on one of these.

I love the windmills on the hills.  They are just so unusual looking among the trees.

They surround the hills and farmland,

The towns we drove through had their flags out and were decorated for the 4th of July!

I love seeing flowers lining the roads.  For a long stretch orange lillies lined the roads.

We finally had the boat in the water.  My older brother and I launched it.  That was a fun experience for me.  I think I did all right.  I liked the no wake zone speed, I could enjoy the scenery.

This is a picture of Belhurst Castle also known as the Castle on the Lake.  We spent the day at Seneca Lake in NY.

Here are the sculptures the kids made on the beach.  I wish I would have gotten a photo in the day time, they were interesting to look at.

We ended the day with a small bonfire and fireworks.  It was a fun day spent with family.  I need more of them.

I hope you enjoyed the random pictures!


  1. beth where do you live that you were at Seneca lake? My aunt has a cottage there and seneca lake is only about an hour and a half from me. beautiful place and the little towns surrounding it are sweet.

    1. Hey Vivian, I live about an hour away from Seneca Lake towards Bath NY. I also love traveling through the small towns like Cohocton and Naples. My SIL had a house in Geneva for awhile so we like going to Seneca Lake. I have family that live in Syracuse and go to Fair Haven Beach if that's near you.