Thursday, January 29, 2015


As I went through Pinterst looking for ideas for my valentines swap I kept seeing all these great old valentines and it made me wish that they were still being printed ( I know there are a few companies that print off vintage valentine books that you can pop out).  Come on look at these graphics and these sweet sayings:

I would love to give this Valentine to my brother...he is an officer of the law.  He protects and serves and enjoys a few occasional donuts.

And look at this one.  The colors are fabulous and the graphics are so cute.

Love the little bird!

This one is funny and I know a few people that would enjoy it.

I don't know if the kiddies would get this one but it is sweet.

I would have loved getting this as a Valentine!

What has happened to all those cute valentine graphics and sweet sayings.  As a child I got a few of these sucker valentines which has some nostalgic feel to them.  I have been looking for similar valentines but haven't found any.  My grandmother gave them to me, my siblings, and my extensive amount of cousins.

Now all the modern valentines have simple sayings, Be mine or Happy Valentines Day.  They are so impersonal, and I don't think very cute.  Here are a few boxes of Valentines you can find on the shelves.  They are mass produced and easily disposed of.  My nieces and Nephews usually get 5 of the same kind in their Valentine boxes.  I'm sure kids love to get the latest Disney or Nickelodeon cartoon valentines, but I can't rally see those becoming collectible...let me know if I am wrong.  I just like more variety.

I just wish we could go back to something more personalized and one of a kind.  I guess I will have to get out my craft supplies and make a few of those personalized valentines with sweet sayings or turn to Pinterest for homemade valentine ideas.

I did find a few of the Valentines me and my siblings received when we were in grade school.  Some had cute little kids on them but most were Poochie, Strawberry Shortcake, Care bears, Transformers, he-man and I dating myself.  I am trying to find more of them in our boxes of keepsakes so I can do a collage or something special with them.  I would like to hear your view of modern day you like or hate them?

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