Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ships Ahoy Valentine!

Warning:  Photo Heavy Post!  As I mentioned in a previous post I entered a Valentine Swap hosted by Sarah from Makin Projiks.  Every year Sarah hosts two Swaps, a Halloween Swap and a Heart to Heart Swap.  I have participated in several Halloween Swaps but this is the first time I have participated in the Heart to Heart Swap.  Let me tell you I have missed out on some wonderful creations by not joining the Valentine Swaps earlier.

So this year I decided to join the swap, I signed up, all excited and then it hit....WHAT DO I MAKE?  So I hopped online looking at blogs and searched Pinterest searching for an idea that "I" could make but could make my own.  I found lots of ideas but I kept going back to a PIN by Sarah.  She had pinned a ship valentine from Ann Wood Handmade.  Go to her website to download and make one of your own!  I love ships and the sea.  I think it is because I'm land locked.  So I used Ann's design and made it my own. 

There was lots of cutting involved...I mean LOTS!  Halfway through cutting everything I wondered what I had gotten myself into.  My hand and arm was shaking and I worried that I would make a wrong cut.  I only printed off just enough images for each ornament.

After cutting, I got to accessorizing the ships with some glitter glue and little heart sequins (not pictured).

 The kitchen table is my work station!  I'm still cleaning up glitter and glue.

After all the cutting was done I had to decorate the boxes.  I used mini candy boxes, tops and bottoms to make the ornament.

I used cheap wrapping paper, paper napkin rings, and glitter to decorate!  I only had Elmer's glue so there is some wrinkles in the cheap wrapping paper...I didn't let that stop me!

Who knew wrapping so many boxes would keep me up till 3 am! (Flashback to Christmas Eve 2014)  By this time I just wanted them done and was almost there.

Did I mention I love Whales too?  I had to have one and found the image here.

More glitter...I don't think you can ever have enough...do you?

A little Valentine wish...Whale You Be My Valentine?  I know corny.  I added little pennants underneath the wording, randomly cut.

No two ornaments are alike.

Almost done!

I added the money so you could see the scale of the ornament...it was at my sisters request.

Getting the ornaments all wrapped up!

All ready to be shipped! No pun intended.

The pretty packaging!

Despite my complaints I really enjoyed making them and like how they turned out.  I hope the recipients enjoy them just as much as I do.  I can't wait to see what the other participants made.  I will post photos soon of the other Valentines...now I just need to find a Valentine tree...I missed out on the white trees at the after Christmas Sales.

PS-My Christmas decorations are down, now I just need to haul them up to the attic...that's another job.


  1. Very talented! Love the whales! Love the ornament just in general! Great job!!!

  2. Thank You, I like how they turned out also. Thinking a little simpler project next year though lol.

  3. I loved your shadow boxes - it is one of my favorites from all the Heart to Heart swaps ! I have been doing it since Sarah started it years ago. I have so many wonderful treasures.