Wednesday, April 15, 2015

10 Minute Stop

So I will apologize now for the crappy pictures but I wanted to show you what I found on a quick stop at a resale shop.  The pictures were taken at night without any good lighting.  Once I get some good pictures I will be listing these in my etsy shop.  
I've stopped at this resale shop before and have bought a few things but I have never found any good vintage stuff that I could afford.  While I was shopping I stopped at this one booth.  I wish I would have taken some pictures.  They had great displays.  I wanted to buy the table and shelving they were using for the displays but they were not for sale. :(  They had this one display with all these New Old Stock vintage rolls of Duro Pre-pasted Wall Borders.  The designs on the borders are fabulous and I love the boxes they come in.  I was staring at these boxes trying to decide which one to by.  The price they were asking for each one was decent but I didn't really need them...but I wanted at least one.

So as I was staring at these boxes the owner of the booth came out.  He asked me what I was interested in and I told him I was trying to decide what box to buy.

He stated that they were vintage wall paper boarders from the 40's and probably worth some money.  I think he wanted to make a sale because he offered me a really good deal if I bought them all.  I couldn't pass it up.  So much for me just buying one!  Now I just need to decide which one to keep.

This is a southwest style of boarder.  There are 3 boxes of this style.

This border is smaller than the others.  Here is a view of part of the detail.  There is more design to this border but I couldn't capture it all.

This border is an under the sea border, with fish, seahorses, and shells.

I have two boxes of this style.  I love the seahorse and goldfish.

Now this is a western themed boarder.  There is a chuck-wagon, singing cowboys, and a bucking bronco,

I only have one box of this style border.  :(

Here is a great color combination of hurrying chefs.

I have two of this style.  Don't mind the laptop keys in the picture.  The laptop helped the rolls of paper to stay open so I could take the picture.

I love this next border!  It is a pretty pink and blue lace border.  I wish I would have taken a panoramic picture of this border just so you could see how pretty this looks.  It also has some texture to it due to he amount of paint used to print it.  I have 9 boxes of this style.

This is a pretty country border that looks to be in the Pennsylvania Dutch style. 

The colors are amazing.  I have 4 of this style.

I only have one of this style.  The teddy bears and marching soldiers are so cute.  This would have been so cute in a nursery!

This is the print that originally caught my eye and led me to buying the whole display.  I love the Dutch theme.  The girl and her dog are so cute...   

...and you have to love the boy courting the girl.  I have six of this style.  I think I will be keeping at least one of these!

If your interested in a roll or two let me know.  I hope to have these listed in my etsy shop soon.  I also bought a pretty blue vintage clock from the same dealer that I can't wait to use.  I got a great deal on everything.  It was one of my best buys in a long time.  I hope the guys wife doesn't get upset with the price he gave.  I guess going late in the day pays off! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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