Saturday, April 18, 2015

Greek Dinner...My Way

I have been enjoying the nice weather we have been having, doing some yard work, cleaning, buying other peoples garbage.  Today I went to some old cemetery looking for family plots in my genealogy search.  Note to self, "make sure when you go out walking you wear proper footwear."  I wore sandals and some snakes found me.  There were a few squeals and some awkward sideways dancing on my part when I was trying to get away from the snakes.  Of course the snakes would be surrounding the tombstone I wanted to see.  It had the family name on it.  I walked away hoping they would go away but when I went back there were even more.  I'm not sure what type of snakes they were but I did not stick around to find out...I will go back another day.

When I got home I ran to the grocery store.  I needed supplies to make my version of a Greek salad and chicken gyro.  I had chicken marinating that I needed to use up,  I only make these recipes in the spring and summer time so it was a nice reminder that the snow is finally gone!  I hope I don't jinx myself and others with that statement. 

So when I make this food I follow no particular recipe.  It is just a little of this and that and it is never the same twice.  For my Greek Salad I use:

English Cucumbers
Red Onion 
Black Olives
Garbanzo Beans
Feta Cheese
Ken's Greek Dressing

I chopped up 1 3/4 English cucumber, a 1/4 of a red onion, thinly sliced and in sections, I used 1 can medium sized black olives (retain some of the juice), 2 Roma tomatoes, 1 can garbanzo beans- drained and crumbled feta.  You can use whatever amounts you like, add or delete ingredients.  I toss it all together, sprinkle pepper, garlic salt, a little of the Ken's dressing and some of the black olive juice.  I toss it all again and let it sit for an hour before eating.

Doesn't it look yummy?   When I first started making this all I used was the English Cucumber, Red Onion, Black Olives, and Feta.  Then just made up my own dressing with whatever I had on hand.  My family likes garbanzo beans and I thought it needed a little color so I added the tomatoes.  Did you know I am not a fan of raw tomatoes?  Now you do.  Even though I don't like them my family does so they still get eaten.

I also made up my own version of Tzatziki sauce.  It's not really Tzatziki.  I don't want anyone yelling at me, because the only thing in my sauce that's in the Tzatziki sauce is the cucumbers.  Again I have no particular recipe for this, it's just a little of this and a little of that.

My Tzatziki Sauce:
Sour Cream
English Cucumber
Sweet Onion
Garlic Salt
Oil/Vinegar Dressing

I throw the diced English cucumber and a little sliced onion into a food processor, garlic salt, pepper, and a little of the dressing.  I blend till it's a pulpy mix.  If I have fresh garlic I will add that.  Once it's at the consistency that I like I put it in a bowl (I don't drain or de-seed the cucumber,  I like my dressing on the thinner side)  I then toss in some sour cream and mayo.  Make sure you use more sour cream than mayo.  you don't want to taste the mayo.  I then mix, taste and adjust the seasoning.  The longer it sits the better it tastes.  I will sometimes add sugar if it's really sour.  Again this recipe is taste as you go.  My family and I really enjoy this version of Tzatziki Sauce.  I usually have these ingredients on hand so it is easy to whip together, 

Now for the Chicken Gyro!  I grill marinated chicken breast, and slice it... chop up some lettuce, tomato (Yuck, but I will eat it on this), and some sweet onion...

...I then grill a pocket-less Pita with a little oil and garlic powder, then top with veggies...

...add the cut up grilled marinated chicken breast, some Tzatziki sauce, and some feta...

...fold it up, serve with a side of the Greek salad and enjoy!

It was really Yummy!  As soon as my family found out I was making this I had a few unexpected guests.  Luckily I don't know how to cook for just one and had plenty of food to share.  I also have enough leftovers for a few more meals.  If you make any of these recipes let me know if you liked it.  Again the Tzatziki Sauce is not your normal sauce so don't compare it to the original ;) and go ahead and make it your own,,,add dill if you like!

This was my first official spring meal.   I can't wait for more enjoyable weather and dinners outside with family and friends!


  1. Hi Beth,
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    That's some good-looking Greek food you made there. We have a Greek restaurant close by and we enjoy eating there, especially love their salad.
    Have a great week,
    Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I live in a small town so we have no Greek restaurants near us. There are a few "Greek" food items on the local diner menus but I have to travel an hour to have real Greek food. So I make do and make it myself, my way. I always enjoy visiting blogs, seeing what people find, collect, design, etc. You have a lot of great stuff! I look forward to future posts.