Sunday, April 26, 2015

Destroying My House

So several months ago I purchased a dollhouse off Craigslist for $20.  It came with the house and 3 huge boxes of supplies.  All the supplies were from the 80's or early 90's.  Some of it I'm sure will be useful but I don't like the wallpaper included and a lot of the paint was dried out.  The person that built the dollhouse originally made them for a living so there were a lot of bits and pieces and the dollhouse was put together rather well even though it is a slot and tab constructed doll house.  The dollhouse is a Greenleaf Jefferson house.
When I got the doll it it was in much better condition than it is now however I have been very, very, slowly taking it apart.  Let me say it has sat around for awhile with me doing nothing with it.  I would pop off a window here and there but last night I really went to town taking it apart,  This is  photo heavy post.
So this is the house, missing some of the windows and front door.  It is painted a red color which I don't like.  The photos were taken at 1am, I was up till 4am taking it apart...I couldn't sleep.

The windows and door way that are still attached to the home are still there because they are glued in really well and I am trying to figure out a way to remove them without damaging the siding, even more than I already have.  If you look at the photo below you can see at the bottom right window that there is a piece of siding missing.  It tore off when I removed that window.  I kept it to glue it back together but it seems to be missing now.  (My nieces have been playing with the house.)
In the below photo I had also started removing the electrical wiring.  I had to remove that to get to the layers of wallpaper stuck to the wall.  I don't know how a dollhouse is supposed to be decorated but this one had several layers of wallpaper and floor coverings that were coming unglued because of age.  The wiring was over top of some of it and under some other layers.

Here is the top two floors.  There are pieces and parts of furniture, wallpaper coming off the wall, dusty flooring, and some really stuck on trim.  The attic was not finished so that was the easiest room to tear apart.

This was supposed to be the kitchen area but I think it was used as another living room.  The room had some plastic paneling that was coming off the walls.  The piece on the floor was the last piece removed from the house.  The paneling was all warped so I won't be able to reuse it. 

The downstairs hallway.  Some of the spindles were missing from the stairs and others were broken by the kids.  Some of the bead board is painted and some not.  The bead-board is warping but it is also really stuck to the walls, along with the ceiling trim.  Any ideas on how to remove them and the wallpaper?

The right side upstairs bedroom above the future living room.  My photos are out of sync and my computer wouldn't allow me to adjust them.  This shows the wallpaper coming loose exposing the wiring.

The other living room.  My plan is to not have any colored painted trim in the house.  It will all be white.

The left side bedroom above the future kitchen, again pieces and parts.

The upstairs hallway.  I can't get that piece of green trim off the end above the window, or even remove that window.  I broke my nail really bad trying to remove the stuff. 

The picture before the deconstruction.  That roof flap doesn't normally come on the dollhouse, or at least the ones I have seen but the builder added it to this house.

With the flap up so you can see the attic.


Trim and furniture pieces removed.  Is this what a normal house demolition looks like?

The after photos of what it looks like now.  You can still see the wallpaper and trim stuck to the walls.  Any ideas on how to remove that would be greatly appreciated.  I have been doing research but I haven't found any good ideas yet.  I want to start with a blank canvas.

Future Kitchen.  This room is the biggest problem.  I can't get the stuff off the walls, the non working and broken windows out and the old flooring is still there because it is glued down well.

Another big problem area, the downstairs hallway.  I have removed the staircase.  This is exactly how it looks right now.

The future downstairs living room.

The bedroom above the living room.

The bedroom above the kitchen.  The wallpaper in here is horrible.  It is very thin and does not peal off well.  It feels like computer paper.

The upstairs hallway.

So this is the project I am working on now, very slowly.  I have realized this is going to cost me a fortune to renovate, just like a real home, because everything needs to be replaced.  I thought I could  just go in and decorate but nope it needs a total overhaul.
The windows in this place don't leave much wall space downstairs in the kitchen and living room area for decorating so I have been thinking of filling in those spaces.  Has anyone done that before and have any recommendations?  I want to do this right.  
I have been looking on Pinterest and Google but I am willing to take any helpful suggestions or links you may have.  I will try to keep you guys updated as I go along.


Dollhouse              $20
Delivery Fee         $10
Paint                       $16



  1. have fun!! Ive no tips.. but I will enjoy seeing what you end up doing with it.
    have a great week

    1. Thanks Vivian, I'm still working on getting the stubborn wallpaper and trim off of it. I will then give it a good coat of primer. I am looking for a new door and replacement windows because most of the windows were broken. The color scheme will come next. Thanks for stopping by.

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