Thursday, April 2, 2015

Crafting Disappointment

So I decided to do some crafting a few weekends ago.  I had seen on Pinterest all those floral monograms and thought I wanted to do that.  They looked pretty and easy to do so I found some cardboard, bought some fake flowers and got out my trusty hot glue gun.  The problem for me is that my last name starts with you know where I'm going with this?  My wreath is very disappointing to me.  It looks like a normal elongated wreath with flowers on it.  I'm also not that crazy about my fake floral color choices either.  But I'm going to show you my disappointing wreath anyways!

So I started with cardboard and used a vintage roaster pan to get the outside dimension for my O and some small plates for the interior circle.

The interior circle cut from the cardboard,

The cardboard was a little flimsy so I reinforced it with the center pieces cut from the circle.

My lovely fake flowers bought from the local Dollar Tree.  I liked the peach and white colors but then I tried to add some bolder color choices with pink being the dominate color choice...did I mention I'm not a huge fan of pink.  I'm usually very picky about the pink color choices I make, not so much with this wreath.

Here is my basket of beheaded flowers.  It took awhile to behead all the fake flower stems and then trim down the plastic bits on the back of the flowers.  This is only a quarter of the flowers that were used and I had to go out and buy some more when I ran out.

The leaves from the flowers. I used them on the outer and inner ring of the wreath.

The lovely placement and gluing of the fake flowers to the wreath.

The finished wreath!

A close up of the wreath...

...and floral choices.

Oh yeah did I mention I made two!  The wreaths are two separate wreaths one for each door of my house.

Did I also mention that they are sitting on my side table because I don't want to hang them on my doors for everyone to see.  Oh well better luck next time.  Maybe if I ever get married I will get lucky in the last name department and get an interesting letter to use.


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