Thursday, April 23, 2015

Did someone say SNOW? Jinx!

So I just wanted to say that I jinxed myself and everyone else in Western NY and surrounding areas.  
If you remember from the last post I wrote, I stated "When I got home I ran to the grocery store.  I needed supplies to make my version of a Greek salad and chicken gyro.  I had chicken marinating that I needed to use up,  I only make these recipes in the spring and summer time so it was a nice reminder that the snow is finally gone!  I hope I don't jinx myself and others with that statement." 
Well guess what I and many people in Western New York woke to this morning? Can You guess?

SNOW!  To me it seemed like lots of SNOW especially when I was driving in a blinding white out this morning while going to work.  But it is mostly gone now.

Sorry I do not have any pretty pictures of the SNOW.  I didn't feel like taking any pretty photos after waking up to this.  I am so over the snow and I am seriously thinking of moving south.  Facebook people were exploding with complaints about the snow today.  
So I will apologize now to everyone for jinxing them with my previous statement and hope this is the last of the SNOW till October or November.  I hope everyone else had a better day than the people in Western NY!

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